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30 Second Dance Party™

The Best Dancing Class of 2022

Let's settle this debate once and for all.  

See the teaser video

Win a dance party for your class!!

There are so many awesome dancing classrooms in the world - it's time to find the world's greatest dancing class and end the debate once and for all!!

Tag us in a video of your class breaking it down in a 30 Second Dance Party for the chance of winning:

- (2) 30 Second Dance Party Buttons
- (2) 30 Second Dance Party Necklaces
- Lots of glowsticks
- Tons of Party Favors
- Loads of Stickers
- AND PIZZA for your whole class!

Each class can submit as many entries as they like, and our team of professional classroom partiers will select winners based on creativity and enthusiasm.

Submit your entries by 5/18/22 and we will announce the 3 winning classrooms on 5/20/22.

Reach out to with any questions.

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A message from our CEO, Jam Sanderton

This is a question I've spent a lifetime trying to answer.  Thank you for helping us in our search to answer the greatest dance mystery of all time.

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