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30 Second Dance Party™

The future of party is around your neck.

Start the party in every room you enter with our revolutionary hands-free necklace.

See why its revolutionary

The party that
never stops*

Our all new hands free necklace lets you take the party places you never thought possible. 

Keep the party going during all  your favorite activities
✓ Clubs
✓ Bike rides
✓ Buffets
✓ Open heart surgery

✓ 28" gold color infused necklace** 
✓ SureFit™ button holder keeps your button secure even in the most extreme conditions
✓ Can double as a collar and leash for small dogs 

*party will stop after 30 seconds
**sunglasses recommended when staring directly at chain

 Free shipping on all orders

(To the continental US.  Sorry La Rinconada)

The Partier (1 Button + 1 Necklace)
The Partier (1 Button + 1 Necklace)

The Partier (NEW)

Button + Necklace


The most revolutionary dance party button ever created is now completely hands free.

The Partiers (2 Buttons + 2 Necklaces)
The Partiers (2 Buttons + 2 Necklaces)

The Partiers (NEW)

2 buttons + 2 necklaces


Bring someone else along on the hands free dance party revolution.

The Necklace
The Necklace
The Necklace

The Necklace (NEW)

 Does not include a button


Bring the party everywhere with the first hands free button adapter in history. 

 Free shipping on all orders over $40

A message from our CEO, Jam Sanderton

Thank you for purchasing a 30 Second Dance Party™ button. We have poured our heart and soul into bringing this button to life.  We hope this piece of art will bring joy to you now, and for generations to come*.

*Button life has not been confirmed

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